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Safe and Secure Solution For Medial Intake Forms

Leave the clipboards behind and help prevent the spread of COVID-19....


Complete Contactless Solution 

  • Deploy Your Safe, Secure, HIPAA compliant, digital patient forms in under 24 hours
  • Patients Complete, Digitally-Sign, and Submit from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile
  • Staff receives secure and legible patient forms in PDF format, patients receive a copy to their email 
  • Eliminate clipboards, pens, and paper
  • Saves time and improves workflow
  • Improve your professional image with safe and secure technology


Practice Development Tools

Social Distancing Intake Process

We implement your office’s new patient paperwork as an online form to maintain social distancing requirements. New patents can complete paperwork in advance of the office visit using a mobile phone, tablet, or PC on a secure HIPAA compliant interface.

A New Way of Doing Things

Our cutting-edge technology provides an experience that is clean and simple. Broad user adoption of our systems is a breeze. Our team will configure your current form questions neatly and professionally. The intake form may have a link inserted on your existing website and configured in an email with a hosted link to complete your new patients. Completed forms are emailed to your office, the patient and filed in the CRM.

Subscription Based

Enjoy a Fast, Secure, and Intuitive experience, and we will take care of the back-up and security plan. We follow all HIPAA requirements. Your fee is monthly and allows updates with no technical expertise.

Well-Rounded Marketing

If growth is what you are after, then razor-sharp marketing is what you need. Build your name and grow your client list, allowing your newsletter to reach your patients with a professional presentation. We offer several other  "under the hood" website tools, email marketing, and other string practice building tools. We can explore those additional options after we help solve the Pandemic new patient paperwork issue first

Responsive Website

Should you require a professional website, our team can design and implement our tools for you to manage your content for an additional fee. Alternatively, our client services team can perform all updates for you. All Cool Life websites are responsive designs allowing a clean presentation to every device. (see more)

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History of Cool Life CRM
We design & develop quality products that help business.

Developing Solutions That
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Cool Life CRM is a full-service platform provider. Our subscription solutions help small businesses, medium-sized companies, and not-for-profits with the ability better to manage their customers, partners, marketing, and data.

The key to solving our customers' problems is to make it flexible, agile, and highly scalable.

At Cool Life, our objective is to provide a dynamic user experience while saving you money compared to conventional systems and other software.



Designed for large sets of data and traversing your data quickly and efficiently.


Our interface is simple, easily navigable, and quickly adaptable to meet your companies process.


Providing a safe Cloud Environment gives you the comfort of outsourcing security, backup, and always available.

Have you considered a paperless future?
Can you imagine a business without paper?

Cool Life CRM has created a vision to take business into the paperless future! The environmental impact of paper production, processing, and distribution and the business costs and efficiency losses of using paper has been a driving factor for Cool Life CRMs’ business model and product offering.

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